When turning the car left, I hear a grinding noise. on 2005 Acura TL

I have had all 4 tires replaced on August 5, 2009. The tires purchased were pilot sport a/s plus unltra high performance 235/45zr17 94 ps as+ tire. On August 6, 2009 I got all brake pads and an alignment done to the car. The problem I am having is that everytime I turn the car left, I hear a grinding noise. It almost seems like the tires are rubbing againts something, but I am not sure. Also, ever since I had my brake pads replaced, my left back door does not electronically open with the key remote. I wanted to know if that had any connection with the services I got when replacing the brake pads, getting an alighnment, and getting 4 new tires. Can someone advise what I should do? Lastly the window washer fluid does not spray, I replaced a bad fuse a couple months ago and that fixed the problem. However when I replaced that fuse i heard the motor trying to work but nothing came out. After replacing the fuse it worked fine. Now I dont hear anything when I try to have the window washer fluid spray, but I have the fluid in the car since I checked. What may be the problem here?

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heard same grinding noise. for me it was that the heat pan was hanging off. they usually fall off but i wnet and got it replaced at dealer for free.
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Hi for the grinding noise ,check you dust break cover maybe when they put the new tires ,they bend and is touch the rotor and make the grind noise.