2004 Audi Allroad Quattro Q&A

2004 Audi Allroad Quattro Question: When to replace timing belt

I have 66,000 miles on A6 2.7 T should i wait until 75,000 miles? -
Answer 1
I can’t find an owners manual for your car. The Gates belts site says every 105k miles, although I can not access their parts catalog. I could access the Good Year parts catalog. Good Year part numbers: Timing Belt: 40297 Timing Belt Kit: GTKWP297B (includes belt and water pump but NOT belt tensioner) -
Answer 2
This should be done at 100K the car will need a "nose job" meaning they will remove the front bumper to access the belt and at the same time will suggest replacing the water pupmp and seals because it is so easy to do.. -
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