2000 Toyota Sienna Q&A

2000 Toyota Sienna Question: when to change Timing belt

Car has only 20k original miles yes it is 12 yrs old but like brand new many new parts but not timing belt -
Answer 1
Usually the owners manual will say 75,000 miles OR 5 years, which means you should have already replaced it. Give yourself peace of mind and get it done.Goodluck -
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Hi, I was wondering do Siennas have a warning light for the timing belt? I am looking at buying one, and the owners are not sure if it has been replaced. Or is there some other way I can tell? Thanks!
is this engine an interference engine and what is the change interval for the timing belt on sch 'a' or 'b'? thanks.
I have a 2001 Toyota Sienna with 74,500 miles. The manual states replacement of the belt at 72 months/90,000 miles. My Haynes manual states at 90,000 miles. Nothing about months. This is not an i...
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