when to change the oil transmission on 2007 Honda Ridgeline

i have a honda 2007and i want to know when is neccessary to do oil change ,the ridge line has 42000 miles

an engine oil change should be done every 4500 miles.....a transmission fluid change should be done every 30,000 miles...if you havent changed it yet you should do so as soon as possible
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The Maintenance Minder will show you when to change Oil and counts down from 100% to 10%. When you get a B3(Service required soon) flashing you will need to change Transmission fluid. Engine Oil changes are based on the type of driving and trailer pulling you do. See Owners Service manual for more details.

Honda Service Codes:

"A" indicates tne need for an oil and filter change only
"B" indicates the oil and filter and the periodic safety, mechanical and emissions systems inspections.

The number that follows either letter indicate the need for additional maintenance services:
1 = tire rotation
2= air filter replacement
3= transmission oil replacment
4= spark plug replacement, valve adjustment and timing belt replacement
5= coolant replacement
6= VTM (4wd) differential fluid replacement

BTW, if you get a B16, it is not B sixteen, it is B (Engine oil & filter + the periodic safety, mechanical and emissions systems inspections) + Tire Rotation + VTM differential fluid replacement.