When the timing chain brakes will it ruin the whole motor? on 2000 Pontiac Sunfire

While driving one day all of a sudden the oil light came on and when I went to hit the gas, it wouldn't go, it came to a stop but all lights & radio still worked. It made no noises at all. I have had 2 different people tell me different things and I do believe there just trying to get money out of me. One says I need a whole new motor cause it more than likely ruined it, but the other says theres no way it ruined the motor! I don't know so I was hoping someone has had this problem before could tell me what they had to do when theres broke.

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That can cause lots of damages , I seen broken pistons & bend valves & damaged valves & valve guides .
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If it is like an interference engine with a timing belt that does bend valves and damage pistons when the belt breaks, then you may have. When the timing chain breaks then it is all out of time and pistons can impact valves unless there is enough clearance. It will be very costly either way. If the oil pump is driven by the chain then you may have starved for oil pressure and damaged bearings. Have a shop inspect and see if any damage is done and go from there.