2006 Nissan Altima Q&A

2006 Nissan Altima Question: When the ac/heater/defrost fan is turned on, the engine shuts off. What's wrong?

This happens when driving at any speed. -
Answer 1
Does it restart? What other symptoms? What does it do at idle in park and you turn on the A/C? -
Comment 1
The car will restart only if the fan is off. If the car is in idle/park and the fan is turned on, the engine will turn off. These are the only symptoms. -
Comment 2
No noise? Does the A/C compressor come on? ANY non-factory wiring , that you know of? -
Comment 3
No on all. -
Comment 4
I'm sorry , but just to clarify , you could drive all day long , as long as you don't turn on the interior blower motor? -
Comment 5
That's right. -