When stopping, just before completely stopping, I feel a shudder in rear ende on 1999 Isuzu Amigo

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It feels like something shifts its position just as the car stops...then shifts position again just as I start moving again. It's not something in the car, but under rear end, it feels.
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Have you check U-joints? Crawl under and yank on drive shaft. If there's "slop" there junk. It's a place to start checking...
thank you...I will check it this afternoon
No problem...
You might also look into the spindle bushings. The spindle is the part of the suspension that the axle will go into. I had another vehicle that did the same thing and we had to replace the spindle. You might be able to just replace the bushings depending on the set-up. Best thing to do is call your local parts store and get pricing on the bushings. They may tell you that you have to replace the spindle to do the bushings.
Hi!! This is not an answer for you but I seem to be feeling the same problem with my '99 IA. Just recently, I feel this jolt from the back when stepping on the brakes specially when it's raining heavily.... May I ask you what was the diagnosis on your vehicle so I may be able to relate it to mine? Thank you.
Hi...sorry for the delay in answering. Our mechanic told us our Amigo was fine. He said that the Isuzu Amigo line was known to be a bit loose, just by its nature, so a shudder was not unusual. We never had any problems with it for the 2.5 years we owned it...the shudder would come and go, was never more severe than the first time, and never became anything to be concerned about. Hope this helps.