When starting the car it wants to crank for an extended amount of time before on 2006 Scion xB

When starting my 2006 xBit cranks for an extended amount of time before catching. It always starts but it tends to take longer than it should. Sometimes when the engine is warm it will start immediately. The battery has been replaced spark plugs have been replaced feel system cleaned yet the problem persists. I've been told it could be an issue with airflow control. I've been told it sounds like the engine has been leaned out that it's getting too much air.

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do you have a ck eng light on?
The check engine light is not on.
scan live data to determine issue if possible.also ck fuel pressure
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That's the kind of information that a tech needs to start diagnostics. I'd have a customer bring a car in the day before and plan to leave it overnight for testing. I'd make all my connections that evening including my fuel pressure gage and then I'd park it outside so that I could start the testing the first thing the next morning. To get an engine to run you got to have good system voltage during cranking, spark and it has to happen at the right time, you have to have fuel and that means both enough pressure and sufficient injector pulse duration. One of those has to be incorrect when you are trying to start the car in the morning. Once the initial testing is done we either know what's wrong or at the least we have narrowed the focus onto just one system. (Which includes the theft deterrent these days)