2004 Pontiac Montana Q&A

2004 Pontiac Montana Question: When starting my van it takes 2-3 cranks before it starts. It was 2 now it is 3

The van runs great once you can get it started. -
Answer 1
is your ck eng light on? if so scan codes and post so we can adv. poss fuel pressure regulator is letting fuel pressure bleed off and car takes a crank or 2 to build pressure again -
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It was on before for awhile and then went off and has not come back on. Most post I read says it could be my anti-theft system. -
Answer 2
I've had that problem as well and i find a fuel injection deep clean does wonders! -
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We put a fuel injector cleaner in the gas tank, all the time. It is not hestitating or sputtering. It just won't crank over the first time like it always used to. Now It takes 2 and 3 times cranks before it starts. -
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When you say doesn't crank over the first time do you mean it cranks over but just doesn't start right away? I'm a little confused. If it doesn't crank that means nothing happens or no crankshaft turn over when you hit key.. When last time you did good tune up on it? Also, fuel injection cleaner in the tank a little different than doing deep cleaning. -
Comment 3
I mean it cranks over but won't start until the 3rd crank. -