when start my kia sportage i cannot move from park to drive. on 2013 Kia Sportage

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start by ck'ing to make sure the brake lights work,then ck shift lock solenoid
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Shift interlock circuit, works with the stoplight switch. Could be the interlock at the base of the shifter.
Not sure if this will work on your model but I have the same problem with my 2002. I looked in my manual and this is what it said to do: There is a tiny hole at the base of the shifter that is covered by a cap. Remove the cap and insert your key into the hole, you may then shift into a different gear. I choose neutral just remember to keep your foot on the brake. Then you can remove your key and turn on the car. Shift from neutral as you normally would (from park) and it will go. My manual of course reccommended taking it to a kia repair to have it looked at. I have discovered that once I start it the first time in this manner there are no shifting issues for the rest of the day.