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2008 Chrysler Sebring Question: when should timing belt be replaced

car has 92k miles on it now -
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just bought car and was told it was out of time and the other guy had the dist out of it timng belt good and tight but will not fire thanks bob
have a 2000 sebring with the 2.5l v6 engine car has 114k miles.how do i know if there if further engine damage(valves)also do i need to change the water pump as well just trying to get a handle on ...
Is it normal for a water pump to go out at 70000 miles? Also after coolent was put in because it was very low the car stopped leaking and also getting to hot. Is this normal?
I replaced the belt at 49,000 mile. It is now 99,000 miles?
We have changed the cam sensors and another sensor, put a new time belt on, and replaced the ignition coil. No progress. Help?