2002 Honda Accord Q&A

2002 Honda Accord Question: When should I replace the timing belt and water pump?

When should I replace the timing belt and water pump, spark plugs? The mileage is 100,500. -
Answer 1
It's due at 105,000 miles. Replace ALL the timing components, not just the belt and water pump, but the idler pulley and tensioner, cam-crank seals too. Beside the timing belt the spark plugs are also due at 105K. Zee -
Answer 2
If i was you i would replace them by know get spark plugs,valve cover gasket with garments,timing belt,water pump and cam seal crank seal ! -
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at what mileage and the age of the car? do we have to get the water pump and the full service or can we just get the belt changed?
i here the timing belt must be replaced at approxiamately 125k miles. if so, what about this idler wheel squeal i read on this site? should i repalace both parts? 2. how soon should the rear engi...
I have read that is recommended when you replace your timing belt to also replace your water pump and front engine seals and drive belts. Why is this?
Is there a certain mileage I should replace the timing chain & water pump? I don't want to wait until I start having problems. The car has approximately 86,000 miles.