When should I change my Forester's (83K) timing belt & how much should it cost? on 2008 Subaru Forester

No problems yet but when I was getting an oil change, they suggested I get it done soon and it would be $1300.

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Did that price include the complete componet kit with water pump and oil seals? Or don't know?
Agree with M & R.
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If your 2008 Subaru Forester F4-2.5L DOHC Turbo engines & without turbo The Maintenance Service Intervals of Normal Service is @105,000 MI or 168000 KM Or...105 months whichever occurs first. At the minimum I would have it visually inspected. If timing belt is found soak w/ oil that would shorten the timing belt lifespan as well. Something to keep in mind about your Forester engine is a Interference type. As far a cost goes Call me up Monday w/ 17 digit VIN # and i could call you back w/ a quote. Best of wishes.