when request hot air, the central panel left and driverside door gives cold air. on 2002 Cadillac DeVille DTS

in the same time , the central panel passenger side and passenger door side gives hot air.
I've checked the actuator for hot air intake from the driver's side, near the accelerator pedal , and it was working but only with an external dc power source.with his wire conector doesn't.the connector does not supply any power ( I'd checked with a lamp). what is this?

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Scan the control head module to ensure it is functioning properly, before any replacement.
the module you are about is situated into the passenger side on the right side?
it was usefull to get an electrical diagram but I've try to find it on the internet and nothing.
many thanks mate.
What I'm talking about is the control head, where the switches are, is the controller for all the actuators. You say it will work with remote power, but the control head or HVAC module could be malfunctioning or it might be sending the signal from the actuator may not be returning to the module so the module might not be the problem and the actuator itself is still the problem. Good Day, No Worries.
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