When pumping gas it would only allow me to fill it with small amounts at a time? on 2007 Kia Spectra

This just happened today. Also the check engine light just came on 2 days ago.

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I would recommend having the vehicle scanned first. The check engine light may be related to the not wanting to fill up when fueling concern your having as well. The relation could be in the evaporative emissions system. There is what is called a vent and a purge valve that are supposed to allow fuel vapors to be contained and when vented through the charcoal canister and when purged back into the intake to burn again. Just do not clear the code as that will not fix anything, but will remove all the data that a repair shop could use to help diagnose the problem if it is an intermittent issue.
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Mine does that to... if you take the nozzle out and re-adjust it push kinda hard, it will stop doing it and fill faster.