When P0303 code detected, check engine light on and hessitation on aceleration, on 2001 Saturn SC2

what is the proper procedure to ensure accurate diagnosis of code P0303? Thaks

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You have a 13 year vehicle. I would start with a basic mechanical test. Check compression on all 4 cylinders. If compression is within 20% of each other then you have a mechanically sound engine. Then look closely at the spark plugs. Number 3 cylinder is the supposed problem cylinder. I would look at the plugs, wires and coil. There's a possibility an injector might have a problem also. Good luck
Thank you for your information. That is what I thought, start big then work your way down. See that is not what the repair job did. What is your back ground in auto mechanics? I might use your information when I file my small claims against the place, if that is alright? Can you send this information to my email address? Actually I would like to speak to you about my incident to see your thoughts and to see if you might be willing to give me a written summary. Thanks
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You may want to be careful before proceeding with small claims court. There are MANY variables to the equation. It depends on what they sold you and why. If you still are having issues with the vehicle let me know.
the car won't run, its shot, needs $2254.00 worth of work now. I can't even drive it, and drove it in there with no problem. It was hesitating, check engine light was on. Now it won't run, smokes from the engine and smells
Did they tell you why? Possible you have a valetrain problem and/or headgasket. If it had a misfiring plug or coil that hole could have been masked from smoke or other problems. The minute they replace the plug or coil that hole would then smoke and it would amplify the problem. $2254 would be in the ball park for either a cylinder head removal (might be a little high) or a used motor replacement. If the rest of the car is in relatively good condition it may still be worth considering repairs. $2500 will not replace your car with a new car and you may just end up buying the same problems on a differnt high mileage used car. I have a very good reputation at my shop and would happily take a look for you. We can assess the damage, the car, and decide if it's worth repairs.
I couldn't even drive over for you to look at. There is more to this incident in which I have not explained to you, thakns
OK. Hopefully it all works out.
yes but once you replace the valves typically the rings or something else goes bad. They should have properly diagnosised it and not told me the car was running fine Wed night.
Agreed with that. I wouldn't worry about the rings though. If the cylinder walls look ok and it was never badly overheated the walls and rings should be just fine.
that is my beef about this entire issue, they used guessing methods instead of proper diagnosising the entire problem, and charged me for a car I can't even drive now, which I drove there?
JamieM contact me at Sorry if the previous email was wrong. I know I can help you in this matter.
great I will thanks for the follow up, I really need the help after speaking to the owner Sat. I will fill you in
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