2002 Nissan Sentra Q&A

2002 Nissan Sentra Question: when outside air temp is 10-15 degrees car won't start.

cranks fine. sputters like old car with bad choke or loading up..start fluid does not help. when temp warms to 25-30 degrees or more car pops right off..runs fine ??? -
Answer 1
Have the temp "sensor" checked with a scanner, engine needs to be cold! Or the next time this happens, unplug the sensor and try it. -
Comment 1
thanks as every bit of info is appreciated..I did just replace coolant temp sensor..no help. there is also an ambient sensor ahead of air filter..??? nissan suggests to hold throttle 1/3 down when starting cold..I'll let you know. -
Comment 2
Well just move further south! Still need to know the readings on the sensor, should be ambient cold. -
Comment 3
ok! I have 7.8 ohms at 5 degrees ambient about 2.5 at 65 degrees..now that I hold about 1/3 throttle as I crank she starts, goes right to high idle..seems wrong to have to do this to a F I vehicle?? -