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2011 Honda Accord Question: When my car hits pass around 30mph the engine starts making this loud noise.



AK904, 3.5L V6, Jacksonville, FL, April 28, 2014, 09:17

Automatic V6 2011 Accord with only around 35k miles. I get my oil change on time at the local Honda Dealership (Never missed a oil change). No engine light or any other light is on. However, the transmission is making this loud noise once I pass around 30mph. When I slow down the car, the noise slows down and it starts to sound normal again once I get it under around 30mph. The power is the same, I don’t feel a difference. Sounds like I’m in an airplane once I hit 65mph (All windows/sunroof are up, nothing under the car or in the car that would make a noise). I’m about 90% sure it’s the transmission because of the change of noise once I slow down the car from 65, or if I accelerate pass around 30mph. Please let me know if anyone is facing the same issue or has a answer/opinion. Thank you in advance.

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