2001 BMW 330i Q&A

2001 BMW 330i Question: When its cold out the car doesnt want to idle. We have to keep revving at stops.

I think its taking on air but from where and how much does it cost to fix? -
Answer 1
check for codes -
Answer 2
Is the check engine light on? Does it start and run normal until it's warmed up? -
Comment 1
Check engine light is on. The car runs fine when its warm OUTSIDE! -
Comment 2
Have the CHECK ENGINE light DIAGNOSED. Don't put parts on because of a code. Have the cause of the code determined. Possibly faulty coolant temp sensor or problem in that CIRCUIT (wiring , connection(s) or low coolant) , or several other possibilities.Parts places SELL PARTS they don't diagnose---just my opinion...Good luck. -