When it rains there's a leak at the bottom front passenger side of my convertibl on 2006 Audi A4 Quattro

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The rain comes in at the bottom right side where the plastic panel meets the carpet, about 3 inches up from the floor board. There was mention of a drain plug being clogged under the battery. Does anyone have more info? Thanks.
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You either have a windshield that was not properly sealed or your cowl drains are plugged with leaves. I heavy rain the cowl area fills with water until it reaches the air inlet of the climate system and then leaks onto the carpet. If you do not clean out the drains the water can build up under the carpet and destoy the transmission computer mounted under the carpet just ahead of the passenger front seat. Remove the a plug under the car to drain water that has accumulated. To clean the drains you need to remove the battery to access the drains and blow them out.
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