1999 Mazda Millenia Q&A

1999 Mazda Millenia Question: When it comes to replacing the supercharger, does engine size matter?

I have a 2.5L miller cycle engine in my Millenia S. It is in desperate need for a new supercharger because the oil has leaked excessively and wore the bearings inside. I find superchargers for 2.3L and others that are not specified. Must I find a supercharger to fit my 2.5L? -
Answer 1
Use this link to cross reference the super charger part numbers. http://www.superchargerpros.com/addtocart/1999_Mazda/Millenia/Supercharger/40-10001.html perhaps give them a call and see what they say. -
Answer 2
I beleive all Millenia S models come with a standard 2.3L engine and this includes the 99 model too, i currently own a 2002 millenia S and thats the same engine it has too....Thanks! -