2007 Saab 9-7x Q&A

2007 Saab 9-7x Question: When I'm turning backwards or forwards it want to jerk and jump really bad. ????

It's like the wheels are turning at different times -
Answer 1
Have the CV shafts/joints checked. -
Comment 1
I sure will. I was told that it could be a rear wheel sensor. Could that be? It's like when I turn the wheels are turning at different times. -
Comment 2
When you turn the wheels, they will turn at different speeds. If the speed sensor is bad, the ABS pump will activate recognizing the wheel wasn't turning, but that should happen all the time the car is moving. A wheel bearing could also be a cause. Have it inspected to be sure. Another comment is to have the rear differential oil inspected for the limited slip function. -
Comment 3
Almost sounds like the 4wd model's with 4x4 active while turning on dry pavement. This is awd i think. But it is GM. -
Comment 4
That's what I thought but I have the button off. It's something in the rear end. Like I said when I turn it jumps real hard. Jumping over and over until I straighten out. That's forwards and backwards -
Comment 5
That's the rear end clutches sticking. -
Comment 6
As stated, have it checked out. Also the limited slip as suggested. Note; 4x4 may still be active even with the button off! Happen all of a sudden like? Any popping noise while it is doing this? -
Comment 7
Yea it doesn't start all of the sudden it happens all the time. Bucking, jumping like I said untill it straightens out. Thank you all for your comments. -
Answer 2
buy a four wheel drive actuator for $150 on line.10 min dyi fix [1 plug and 2 bolts]is a piece of cake!!you-tube video under chevy trailblazer four wheel drive actuator replacement. -
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LMAO at that one.... Plus that posted question is over 2 years old!!! .. WTH. -