When I went to start it for work It wont start on 2007 Chevrolet Uplander

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When I tried to start to warm up in the morning it wont start. All the lights work and it sounds like it wants to start almost like you turned the key to far and held it there. I put a code reader on it says code 2070 possible intake manifold tuning valve stuck open. Could this be right and that is why its not starting. When I look online most people say there check engine light is on and it still runs. My engine light didnt come on before this happened. Also I cannot find and DIY diagrams or manuals to try to help fix with out paying dealer. No warrenttee no $$
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Im going to make your day then make you cry. Get a gas line tool and take the line loose, have some one turn the ignition on just enough to see if it is getting gas. if it does throttle body. if not your goon love this. You see that nice little fuse box on the side mounted so pretty? ill bet you can even see a large mass of wires coming from the bottom... there is your problem. the wiring harness flows in but they didnt plug the hole so your wires are basically just hanging with no support. move the wires slightly ( not tugging or ulling just sort of wiggle then try to crank. if it fires up stuff the hole with a shop rag to brace it. if still nothing its your fuel tank wiring. check under the drivers side 2nd row under the van. see if it has fire when turned on. fuelpump, sensor, filter are all in one in the tank so dont buy a pump unless you have to. check all the connections and if you do have to drop the tank change out that evap solenoid while your at it and get rid of the check engine light.