When I turn the ignition switch to start all electrical shorts out... Any sugges on 1994 Toyota Pickup

I've checked the alternator circuit. Its all good. Not seeing any bare wires aanywhere and will be checking the starter circuit next. Pretty much lost on where the problem lies.

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Define shorts out. Blowing fuses, wires smoking or just loosing all battery voltage?
Just loses voltage. It blew the AM1 fuse once which is a 40 amp. I replaced it and there is power and I can hear the starter relay making a clicking noise but nothing further from there.
Start by cleaning and tightening battery cables. Have you tried to jump start it? Check all battery cable ground and positive connections. If you turn on the headlights, are they good and bright? If you keep clicking the starter (turning the key) will it ever attempt to crank? Manual or auto transmission?
Its a manual. I've tried cleaning the whole battery, all the cables, even put a fresh charge in the battery and load tested.
Jumper the small wire that goes to the starter with battery voltage it will crank if the starter is ok!! Do this with trans in net with hand brake on. If you cant do that, roll start it and take it in for diagnostic check. If that starts the engine post results.
Ok. I'll get back to you. Thanks!