when i turn on headlight switch it causes instrument cluster lights to flash. on 1995 Mercedes-Benz C280

also makes digital clock goe to 1:00,then gauges (fuel,temp.,rpm,and speedometer)wont work,then after a while they work.But every time light switch is turned on it happens.I replaced light switch, and installed a used cluster w/new bulbs, same problem?Its driving me bananas,please can anyone help me.everytime i fix something, something else goes wrong.have had car 3yrs,never ending project.I thought mercedes were great cars,should have bought a freeking chevy!

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Find and repair loose dash ground circuit. And you are right about the Chevy.
are the cluster and light switch grounded behind cluster?
Well since i am a night owl i'll explain. I had the same thing on a chevy S10 and the dash ground wire for the dash was loose.After finding
a schematic diagram and locating this wire, tightened it and problem solved.
Key SCHEMATIC DIAGRAM! Wish i could tell you where to look but i don't know where the ground is.
Good luck.
Ps the chevy was doing exactly the same thing. So i figure if it worked on it it should work for you.
The ground circuit is the most overlooked item for a problem.