When I start my engine the idle goes from 500rpm to 1500rpm and up and down on 1995 Ford Bronco

It always happens first thing in the morning, but sometimes in the afternoon also. The idle goes up and back down to almost dying to back up to 1500rpm and back down. When I put it in gear, no problem at all. It will idle just fine in gear with foot on brake and drive off without fail.

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Any CEL? Suspect TPS-Throttle Position Sensor. Vacuum leak? Idle air control?
The CEL comes on after about 5 miles of driving. I have not found any vacuum leaks.
The most important part of this is the CEL coming on. This should have been in the original post. Have the codes pulled and get diagnosed or come back with the list of code(s) numbers and I will look up. Come on guy. We can't help if you don't give all the info.