when I start it up it runs fine till I turn the wheel then it dies.
on 2003 Chevrolet Malibu

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Power steering pressure switch.
thank you for your reply it don't have the power steering pressure switch
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The first thing I would check is to see if the throttle body is coked up.. If so then a good cleaning may be all it needs. The EGR valve is commanded open usually at speeds above 50 miles per hour.. This exhaust gas is recirculated back through the engine to lower combustion temperatures and reduce emissions. The problem with the EGR valve doing this is that the soot gets into the intake and around the throttle body, thus restricting air from entering the engine at low speeds.. Off of idle you will never have a problem but at idle or in parking lots when cutting the wheel sharp, then this puts an extra load on the engine.. As does when the A/C is turned on... the engine may not be getting enough air to keep it running if the throttle body is coked up.. Clean it real good and see if that helps. Best of luck
thank you for your reply but I have to have the steering wheel turn all the way to the left before it will start.soon as I turn the wheel it will die.but will not start until I turn the wheel back to the left and then it will start.when I turn the wheel it shut down all the lights in the dash