2000 Chrysler LHS Q&A

2000 Chrysler LHS Question: When I put the car in park, all of the positions are selected like in all gears.

I had a used transmission put in about 18 months ago, the shifter has been sloppy since then. The shop I worked with went out of business and I just never took it somewhere else. Is there an adjustment to fix this and tighten up the sloopiness? They are all selected when I put it in neutral also. -
Answer 1
It is really best to have an experienced shop deal with lining up the gear selector switch, the shift indicator and the shift linkage. here are some shops: https://repairpal.com/directory?address=80915&car_brand_names=Chrysler -
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In all of the history I have with your responses both mine and others, it seems like 80% of them say go to a repair shop. Couldn't you provide some kind of assistance instead of take it in or are you trying to drum up business for someone in this area. -