When I put my headlights on,all of my interior light come on also? on 2009 Dodge Journey

I don't know whether I've hit a setting/button which has caused this,or I have an electrical fault. Can I advise?

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It may have an override button/switch that will turn the lights off until it's repaired, or remove fuse/bulbs if it's going to be awhile before shop can fix it. Can use manual map lamps for lighting, if equipped. Suspect shorted combo or dash dimmer switch.! Dash lamp dimmer should NOT dim the 'dome' light(s)!!
Got it sorted.....corroded wires from car to tailgate.
Internal lights came on with Headlights
Rear window defroster stopped working
Reverse lights came on with Headlights
Rear wiper only worked intermittently
Interior tailgate light didn't work.
All because of wear and tear on the wiring which is housed inside the rubber sleeve in the top left hand side of the tailgate.
Auto spark sorted it for £50.
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Is there a knob or wheel on the headlight switch that is used to dim the dash lights and if you turn it all the way maybe it will turn the interior light on. Possible adjustment or headlight switch could be shorted.
I tried dimming the Dash lights,using the control on the lever,it dims the interior lights but doesn't switch them off.
can you turn it the other direction and turn on the interior lights.
Yes,if I turn it fully forward (towards the dash)it turns all interior lights on.
I've tried turning it all the way back when the headlights are on,but it only dims won't turn them off completely?
I would suspect the switch is bad.
Think I'm gonna have to take it to Auto-electrician to get it sorted.
It's very distracting to drive at night with int lights on. And probably illegal.
It sure would be. Good luck
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