When I press on my breaks they vibtrate and the abs and traction light come on on 2005 Chevrolet Equinox

Sometimes when im driving my SUV and apply the breaks the break peddal vibrates bad, and wont compress to the floor the abs is going of as this happens and than the ABS and Traction control light comes on.

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one of your wheel bearings is lose and needs to be changed that is where the ABS and traction control sensors are. Because the wheel bearing is lose the sensor thinks you are skiding because it is moving away from the wheel assembly( are you getting alot of road noise when driving) another sign of a bad wheel bearing
I'm having the same problem as far as the ABS and Traction control light coming on. I have a 05 chevy Equniox and when ever I start the truck and go to pull off the brakes starts to vibrate and is hard to stop until the ABS and Traction control light comes on and then your able to brake with no problem but the lights stay on. I just replaced the rotors, brake pad & abs wheel speed sensor and still have the same problem with abs and traction control light coming on...Any advise of what next to do??
My 05 was doing the same thing what I did was unplug the abs from the driver side wheel bearing the abs and trac light are on but I got breaks I am after replacing 4 wheel bearings new breaks and abs sensors this is the only thing that worked for me
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You need to have this checked right away as it sounds like the brake pads are completely worn out and burning or creating hot spots on your brake rotors and you can find a repair shop here
I am haveing the same thing happen to me did you fine a fix?
Hey I had the same problem had the front struts replaced and the tires rotated and problem was fixed.
its not ur brake pads it the speed sencor to ur wheels that is going bad easy fix remove the abs relay and fuses