When I open my driver's door, after the car is cut off, the power stays on. on 2005 Chrysler 300

I have to open the passager door to make the radio go off, and for the interior lights to come on.

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body control module does not see your drivers door opening from the switch in the door. have it checked to verify and get a bid.

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You either have a bad driver side door latch (door ajar switch located in latch) or a broken wire at door jamb (rubber corrugated tube between door and body).
As a convenience to 'power accesrories' there is a built in delay that alows you to ; roll up windows and close the moon roof etc. as well as listen to the rest of the song on the audio deck. As soon as you open the drivers' door though, that system is terminated and everything 'power' should be OFF.