When I go to start my truck it acts like the battery is either dead or something on 1996 Dodge Ram 2500

Dragging on it. Once it starts it dies unless you hold the gas down. I have replaced my MAP SENSOR AND STARTER. The battery is new and has been checked out. It shows no codes on a diagnostic. No one seems to know what is wrong with it. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Dodge Ram 2500 V10 4x4 1996

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ck battery connection at battery and starter to begin with.sounds like dirty connection and also poss idle air control may be going bad
I just installed a new starter yesterday, and rechecked the battery. However, my truck is still doing the same thing. Any other ideas?
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What does the VOLTAGE drop to WHILE cranking? What is the battery voltage key-off at battery and also at starter post-end of cable? While running what is charging voltage? Has IAC been checked?(for after-start/running problem)?
Voltage is at about 14 when key is on. It does not seem to drop when cranking. How do you check for IAC, if by diagnostic then it's been checked. no codes display.
What does the voltage DROP to when cranking? IAC (idle air control) valve best checked with scanner with 'live data' , not a generic code reader.Most times unless hard electrical fault(unplugged or wire damage) it will not set a code.
ok I will check those and see what happens. Thank you for your help it is greatly appreciated. If these two things are not it I will ask again for your help.