2008 Toyota Tundra Q&A

2008 Toyota Tundra Question: when i go to start my truck, it acts like it isn't getting fuel.

even when i let go of the key the starter continues to run for about 15 seconds. i have disconnected the battery cable to see if the computer will reboot. i have checked the fuses. this has happened three times before. -
Answer 1
xounds like the anti theft module is not getting signal.scan module for codes -
Answer 2
You are blending three different issues. The starter solenoid is not retracting soon enough. Chock the wheels and make sure it is in neutral before proceeding if is has a manual transmission. Using a test lamp, have someone crank it while you probe the solenoid contact to see if it getting power or just not retracting. Announce to your helper, to crank it once you have connected to the starter solenoid trigger wire. Then announce stop! If the light goes out immediately, replace starter. If it gets power after your helper lets go of the key, replace the faulty component of the steering column lock assembly, likely in the ignition area. -
Answer 3
did you find out what was the problem? my truck is doing the same thing -