1997 Saturn SL2 Q&A

1997 Saturn SL2 Question: WHen I first tried to start my car this morning I turned it over and none of the

lights would come on it was completely dead. So I messed with it a little and I turned it over and the lights came on and I got it started went to my Mom's house and when I went to leave the car started just fine lights went on and everything I got it home. Can I get it fixed or do I have to wait until it acts up again? -
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What did you 'mess with a little'? Battery connection? -
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I did not mess with the battery connection I just kept turning the key in the ignition trying to get the lights to come on so I can start it -
Answer 2
I know ziptie responded first, and if I'm stepping on toes, due to some kind of protocal, I apologize, but I figured getting the 'customer' (what is a good term for folks with problems we try to assist on here?) taken car of was the priority. Based upon your answer to ziptie, and I believe they may agree, it sounds as though your ignition switch needs replaced. If there's some kind of "follow-up" you get to fill out later, give ziptie the credit. -
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No apoligies necessary! If someone else can be of more help, that is exactly why they allow more than one response.We're just here to help each other for the most part , although I do like the 'entertainment factor' from some of the questions. That said......I do agree- now that we know what was messed with it does sound a lot like it could be the ignition switch. Most can be tested , to be sure it's not a faulty connection elswhere. Good luck. My toes are fine....they just itch a little....is that dangerous? -