When I depress the brake pedal, I get a "push back" and a grating sound. on 2002 Buick Rendezvous

also, my abs and traction off lights are on. most of the time the brakes seem to operate normally, but the lights remain on. Pads are new, and the rotors look good.

Hello this sounds like you are having a problem with your wheel speed sensors or the ABS system.I recommend to have the vehicle inspected by a qualified service center.You may also have a wheel bearing failure that is causing the grating sound.HAVE A BLESS DAY from DR.RECO.
The grating sound only occurs{occasionally} when I depress the brake.
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Sounds like your brake pads are completely worn away.Very dangerous to drive. Check out ASAP.
as I stated in the original question, the pads are NEW. the push-back was happening before I replaced the pads, and continues after.