When I brake hard my door light comes on and the car beeps. on 1990 Honda Civic

Whenever I come to a fast or hard brake the car starts beeping like the seat belt chime or door chime and sometimes the door light comes on but all seat belt are on and all doors are closed. Sometimes it doesn't do this at all and sometimes it does this really bad and the beeping goes on for a long time. But the door light on the dash doesn't happen that much. Any suggestions?

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loose/misaligned or adjusted doors . Door/dome light switch. With it running (in park) try bumping/pushing out on door & see if you get the same response, then you can determine if it's the switch (on door pillar) , or the door itself. Other possibilities...frayed wire somewhere grounding when it's moved suddenly. Ground issue either way....................................or stop tailgating , so you don't have to slam the brakes?