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1998 Honda Accord Question: When driving the car will suddenly stop running forcing me to pull over

when driving the car it will stop running and force me to pull over . after a couple of minutes the car will start up again and I can can continue to drive . This is intermittent and can happen after driving for 5 minutes or an hour . So far it has always started back up but is very dangerous when losing power. -
Answer 1
could be coil or dist issues -
Answer 2
I had a similar problem with a nissan sentra. It was the fuel pump. -
Answer 3
Depending on specific conditions/symptoms , they also had a problem with the electrical portion of the ignition switch. One thing you can try--when it's not acting up, watch the check engine light while turning the key to 'run'(not start) and listen for a faint click from under the left of the dash when the light goes off. Get familiar with that sound and next time it stalls and won't restart , try that. If , this time you don't hear the click , replace the 'main' relay. Depending on your skill level , you can visually inspect the coil for 'hot spots'. -
Answer 4
While driving, try cycling the key to the run-off-run position (do not try to start) to restore power. If that works, it's a symptom of a larger issue, which I haven't isolated yet. It takes a few seconds and you will lose all power/lights/etc... momentarily, so expect it. If the car suddenly stops anyways, it shouldn't be much of a surprise. Conjecture: I suspect it's an ignition system problem with either the ignition switch/rod or an adjoining component. -