When driving the car, after a short while it starts jerking and cuts out!
on 1990 Volkswagen Golf

Hi there, have an old citi golf,
Problem: Starts fine, runs ok, accelerates to touch immediately, however when driving the car, after a short while it starts jerking and cuts out!

Just had full service, replaced the battery, TCI unit, fuel pump, carburator and temp sensor/sensor unit and yet the problem pesists.

Not sure if the problem could be electrical, feels like this car has a mind of its own, please advise, many thanks.

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could be maf sensor
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I agree this needs to be check by a knowledgable tech and test should be done, right now you and the repair person are starting to ring up a hefty parts exchanging bill, gosh all of this work and the vehicle is still doing the same thing, so try a different method, and different person helping you, may need dealership experience or knowledgable tech
car needs to be ck'd out by a mech as to aleast scope it to determine cause
possible ignition issue. review when last tuned. it may be due. you need to change ignition cables so consider upgrade to a performance type(more conductivity) and a lot of times more cost effective than OEM replacements.
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the ignition coil will loose resistant when she warms up check when cold and then hot.