1999 Toyota Solara Q&A

1999 Toyota Solara Question: When driving My Solara over 65-70 mph steering wheel shakes badly VERY BAD Why?

Also when I am going around a curve it actually seems like the front tires on both sides are shaking to the point I have to slow down when braking the steering wheel shakes badly as well it happened after I had 4 wheel alignment as well as wheel balance and tire rotation done it got worse what could be wrong PLEASE HELP????? -
Answer 1
Have the suspension and wheel bearings re checked for play or a bad/out of balance tire or rim. If you experience the steering wheel vibrating on braking it sounds like the brake rotors may be warped and need to be re-machined or replaced. It shouldn't be hard to properly diagnose what is wrong. -
Answer 2
Agree with patrick. The parts most likely to have an issue is the ball joints or tie rods. They go bad and your tire will 'wobble' all the time. -