When driving car when it was hot somehow have caused the fuel pump 2 malfunction on 1997 Volkswagen Passat

Well the Engine wasn't holding water cause of a leak in the hose from the water pump to the engine, I drove the car with the temp. flexuating and having to often stop and refill with water. Now my car wouldn't start 2 days ago, I went & had the battery tested and charged, the car still wouldn't start a friend helped me push start it! I had a mechanic thats near me look at it and he said it was the starter, well then my car was parked across from his shop, He saw me at my car and asked, why do i push start just turn with key so i tried it and it turned over,Didn't start.He said "You see these hands i been mechanic for long time". So he said " You need gas why mess with ur car just go get gas" so I got gas Tried to start again and still it turned over but not on, Then he said " It must be the fuel pump". Now 2 days b4 i push started it and it drove fine the fuel pump wasn't the problem then.

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Hello note my previous answer and find a qualified repair center to perfor a diagnostic asap.HAVE A BLESS DAY from DR.RECO.