when does power steering fluid need to be changed in a 2004 Grand Cherokee Lore on 2004 Jeep Grand Cherokee

my power steering fluid was changed on the suggestion of a this unusual ?Jeep has 60,000 miles.He also changed the transmission fluid which showed a black color.

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Good idea, give your mechanic a tip!
should the differential gear oil (front & rear)also be changed? my mechanic suggested it. i don't go off-road with jeep.
That can wait! Just have it checked from time to time. However your mech. has an advantage over us here, he can look at your Jeep.
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no a bad idea for preventitive maint
If he does change the rear diff fluid , make sure he uses the chrysler synthetic gear oil and their friction modifier. Just a rec. , but from the few I've seen with problems , not having the OEM stuff is what made the difference. Same with the trans, if it developes a 'judder' going into 'lock-up', change back to chrysler ATF+4.
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