when do change the timing belt on 2003 Volkswagen Jetta

how long does a timing belt last

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If its a 2.0 every 60,000 miles, if it's a 1.8 turbo every 120,000 and if it's a 1.9 diesel every 100,000. These mileages are whats recommended in the Gates timing belt guide, Gates makes timing and other belts. The official answer is either in your owners manual or call the dealer. There is no definite life for a timing belt they will last till they break. But all 3 of the above listed engines are "interference engines" and waiting for the belt to break will most probably result in internal engine damage. So the best advice is get it changed at the specified interval (either time or mileage) or if you've gone over change it soon, before it breaks.
my 03 , 1.8 turbo timing belt broke at 100,000 miles , it cost me $ 5,000.00 to get all the damage fixed . I recomend every 70,000 miles .
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On the 1.8 Litre Engine we have seen the belts fail as early as 63k miles, we have also seen them go 100k miles before failing. We recomend to not exceed 75k miles.
VW recommends the timing belt replacement on this model at 105,000 miles.