When car is stationary it vibrates in drive but quiet in neutral on 2000 Mercedes-Benz E320

Just bought a 2000 e320. When car is stationary (for example at a red light) it vibrates quite loudly in drive but nice and quiet if I put it into neutral. It also sounds fine in reverse.

I suspect engine mounts.

I am looking for a way to verify this or get an idea what else it can be

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It's possible that it would be the mounts, are you experiancing any other drivability issue or has the check engine light come on at all?
Thanks for the reply.

I ended up getting the mounts changed and it did fix the problem
Your welcome glad to hear it's repaired.
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remove loer engine cover and use a block of wood on a jack on the edge of oil pan, slightly raise te engine and sit in drivers seat ;that is one way i check to make shure ,but if it looks like coffee spilled then they are blown for shure
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