2000 Mazda Millenia Q&A

2000 Mazda Millenia Question: When accelerating, it's jerking back and forth. Cuts out too at times. Why?

This happens often. To avoid the problem I gradually give it gas, but even then it doesn't solve the problem all the time. -
Answer 1
Good tune up needed, at a repair shop! -
Answer 2
Answer #1 and possible leak between throttle body and mass air flow meter (NOT the meter). Check for break(s) in hose that would be opened when stepping on throttle , because of worn engine mounts maybe? -
Comment 1
Bet you are right, best i remember, when checking the air filter on this engine, the lube shops jack the cleaner top up about a foot to remove it breaking the hose! -
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Happy New Year! .......never mind.......:) -