2001 Suzuki Grand Vitara Q&A

2001 Suzuki Grand Vitara Question: when a fuse blows the engine stops running

The engine fuse is blowing intermittently what could be causing the problem? Recent items worked on the timing belt was change and now sweeks sometimes. A relay was replaced resently. mclinton113@gmail.com -
Answer 1
There is an intermittent electrical short somewhere in the engine control system. You need to take it to a shop who can trace down the problem. Which relay was replaced? Were the correct one was used?? Zee -
Answer 2
Loose connection to the main relay/fuse block in the engine compartment. Common on all Sprints/Sidekicks/Swifts. Remove the relay fuse block, look at where the positive power from the battery enters it, bet you'll see loads of carbon! -