Mitsubishi Eclipse Problem Report

Mitsubishi Eclipse Wheels may easily be bent or damaged

(18 reports)

It is not uncommon for wheels on these vehicles to be very easily bent or otherwise damaged, often to the point of requiring replacement. This can happen even with no apparent damage to the tire.

the rims are easily dent -
After a number of tires and rims atleast 50 flat tires from 2007 a week after purchasing car it all began i had atleast a couple every month. Eventually getting a new set of tires thinking problems solved after countless more flat tires and countless blowouts resulted in a cracked rim and 2 bent rims . So we purchased a set of 17" rims and had the blown tire replaces well after replacing 4 blown out tires and rims they eventually quit sellin that rim since it went discontinued. I have now upgraded to 18" wheels however I am running a 235/50/r18 tire to allow for possible road hazards that our lil cars crack a rim like girls crack nails. However even after 3 years of crazy incidents im still a happy eclipse owner lol -
Front wheels had a balance, shimmy problem. Tire shop balanced both tires and said that rt. front wheel was bent. I rotated bent wheel to rear, problem solved. -
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