wheel speed sensors on 1998 Honda Odyssey

ABS light came on. Dealer said it needed Right wheel speed sensor and ABS control unit. A private garage said it needed right wheel speed sensor which I had them replace. Light went off but came back on intermittently in about 1 1/2 months. Now they say it may need Left wheel speed sensor. How many wheel speed sensors are on this minivan. Two or four? (Its the 6 passenger LX model.)

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I have a 2003 Impala and the traction control light and the abs light keep coming on. i replaced the wheel sensors twice at a cost of $1200 and it is still doing it. my research has led me to the wheel speed sensor electric harness. there was a service bulletin put out in 2003. The harness rubs on the tie rod. I am now looking for a place in Rhode Island or nearby Massachusetts that has experience in replacing these harnesses.
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I have a 1998 3/4 ton chevy pickup. The abs light has been on, now the speedometer stopped working. What and where do I need to check?