wheel replaced with Honda wheel and now wobbling at all speeds with rattling?? on 1999 Nissan Altima

somebody replaced my wheel with a Honda accord wheel right size tire but wrong wheel now it is wobbling real bad at all speeds wheel is shaking and I hear a rattling sound coming from the tire almost like its going to fall off what is wrong with it? will it go away if I put the original wheel back on?

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Definitely get the right wheel back on the car as quick as you can, if not before!! In fact before it is driven again!!! Make sure wheel studs/lug nuts are not damaged! Dont risk it!!!!
Ok I put the Nissan wheel back on and it's a lot better but still shakes the steering wheel. And seems to do more so the more I drive it. It wobbles real when i I make a sharp right turn. Rotar?
Have a 'mechanic' check it out and test drive it if necessary!! Possible hub bearing or cv joint but get it checked out before something lets go!!!
you have a nissan why a honda wheel?
Cause I wish i had a Honda
Work on hondas , glad I have a Toyota! 324K & still original eng & trans....Jus-sayin........but as pushrod said I would also STRESS the importance of CAREFULLY inspecting the hub and studs!!! replace if any doubt , before you have a wheel flying off at 70 MPH!!
when I went to get the original wheel back on the place I took it to didn't say anything to me about seeing anything when he swith the wheels. it drove a lot better once I did that just minor shaking of the wheel. then the futher I drove it back home it kept getting bad again. at one point I believe that something came off of the car and came up and hit my drivers side window I could be mistaken. when all this happened I was making a sharp u turn and heard a loud cracking noise from towards the wheel well but didn't think I did any damage til now 3 months later. will someone please help me figure this out and let me know if its going to cost me out the wazoo