wheel problem on 2000 Ford Escort

front driver's side wheel makes a grinding sound, and when going into a curve the car seems to lose control for a second before regaining control in the curve

by in Jamestown, NY on May 28, 2009
1 answer
ANSWER by on May 28, 2009
This sounds like a serious front end issue that is UNSAFE! I would not drive this vehicle. It sounds like a tie-rod end is about to break off or something or something else. Have this vehicle towed to a front end shop and have this problem inspected before you injure/kill your self or some one else or BOTH! I am totally sincere when I say this.
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The only thing I can find is the green plastic part located behind the wheel moves in and out with the wheel. I've seen others posting this same issue but have yet to see a fix.

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