Wheel Bearings - Rough Ride on 2000 Ford Explorer

I'm told that I need to replace all wheel bearings - how much would be reasonable to pay? Will this cure the rough ride? Also does anyone else have problems with getting clear reception on radio?

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Replacing the wheel bearings will probably not solve a rough ride. I recently replaced the wheel bearings on my brother in law's 2000 Explorer, they made a slight growling sound on turns. The front wheel bearings are part of the hub and are about $140 to $260 (depending on dealer or aftermarket) a side from the dealer and about an .9 hour each side to install. Rear wheel bearings are about $30 a side and and take about 1.3 to 1.5 hours total to replace both sides.
Shock absorbers have a greater effect on the way a vehicle rides.
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The bearing replacement will not cure the rough idle. Is your Ford 4wd? This makes a big difference in the cost of the bearing work. I am not sure why the bearings are the cause of the rough ride. Could you explain? The antenna should be inspected for any reception problems.
Rough RIDE not Rough idle. I will check the antennae. It is AWD